Get your digital and financial house in order

Divorces can get pretty ugly, pretty fast. There will be feelings of recrimination and even vengeance in some spouses. This can translate into various harmful activities, including:

  • Hiding things or ‘someone’ changing passwords to your necessary apps or accounts
  • Playing financial games
  • Spying on mobile phone, laptops, tablets and other communications devices
  • Spying on social media activity
  • Turning friends and family against the other side
  • Sabotaging financial, social and other aspects via digital means

Get your digital and financial house in order:

  • Change the passwords to devices and accounts which are important to you
  • Collect all your financial documents and other records
  • Protect your credit cards and bank accounts by removing the spouse as an authorized user
  • Block or limit the power of ‘friends’ on social media that might spy or otherwise cause damage