Why is a TRO or DVRO so bad?

The TRO/DVRO can result in a massive inequality in the high conflict divorce causing the Respondent to lose a lot. The Respondent/Defendant must face the charge (with their attorney) and if they are NOT successful the judge could issue a 1, 2,  3 or even 5 year DVRO, essentially converting’ the TRO into a DVRO.

This is the worst thing that can happen to the defendant/Respondent i.e you, because it will hugely impact several aspects of the divorce

Potential consequences of a DVRO being granted:

  1. The children will be hard to see because they will be in the care of the Petitioner (the one who petitioned the DVRO). This is typically the mother.
  2. The children and their visitation with the Respondent (typically father) will become very strained
  3. The family court judge you get assigned will always treat the petitioner better than the Respondent. The fact that a TRO has been claimed or worse still transformed into a DVRO, confirmed by an order, usually from the same family judge will create an uneven playing field for the Respondent.
  4. The court becomes very biased in its decisions, towards the ‘victim’ who initiated the DVRO


Brace yourself for a $10-15k retainer and costs of $500-700 per hour. (2020-2023 rates)

This will be cheap compared to the consequences of a DVRO being granted.

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